Cloud Services Platform

The current day technology is best known for its established path towards green computing and advancement towards cost reduction on resources while on demand availability of computer systems and its data are guarded with consistency in computing power.

Cloud Computing is the revolutionary concept driving the benefits of best technology practice with minimum capital investment. Data Storage and processing are equally achieved without any direct active management by the user. It is the technology of distributed data processing in which some scalable information resources and capacities are provided as a service to multiple external customers through Internet technology.

This platform is the pool of data centres which are available to the subscribers or users over the Internet. Big time cloud solution services are distributed over multiple locations through network central servers.

• Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
• Platform as a Service (PaaS)
• Software as a Service (Saas)

Cloud Servers are categorised as Enterprise Cloud, Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud. Amazon AWS is one of the largest public clouds.

Public and Hybrid type clouds have emerged in providing services with minimal up-front IT Infrastructure Costs while the applications and accessibility are up and running faster with best manageability and minimum maintenance. IT Teams are best supported on adjusting the resources meeting the dynamic and dubious demands.

Cloud computing is the best choice amount IT industries. Many SMB companies and large organizations have successfully adapted to this new technology resulting considerable reduction in their operational IT Costs. Technically, Virtualization plays a vital role in cost reduction.

Cloud computing is bested adapted in engineering Fields, Research and Developments and all the business platforms those depending on computing operations

Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Ctrl-S are prominent players in the market and GN Infonet promotes and offer cloud services. Please contact us for more details.