With the growing trend of Data being stored in a structured way using the latest channelized networking technics, most of the organizations still face challenges in providing comprehensive solutions to maximize their storing resources and increase their performance.

By adapting a complete Storage Management process, an organization can encompass this technology and maximize the performance.

GN Infonet is willing and offering services on such storage infrastructure solutions by offering a wide range of storage categories that describes the best of:

  • Data and Hardware Virtualization programs.
  • Adapt Storage Area Network (SAN) and establish Replicating programs.
  • Establishing Mirroring or Raid Technics
  • Offering Security Process for Data
  • Process Automation
  • Storage provisioning … & more.

The analytical data extracted from the international research group describes about the incremental growth of data which is almost doubling every year.   Organizations do have their serious concerns in expanding and securing their storage capacity.   Irrespective of the investment on increasing the storage capacity, those are dynamically changing to expensive affairs, by implementing the current day technology GN Infonet have come up in reducing the burden of cost by adapting storage management solutions.

Why Storage Management?

Technology Adaptation:

By adapting several methods of enhancing storage capacity such as Storage Virtualization, De-Duplication and Data Compression, a Storage infrastructure can utilize the best of their existing hardware tools.

Minimal Expenses:

Integrating and adapting these storage technics attracts lower costs and demands one time investment only.  Also the operational expenses in maintaining these storage devices are very low.

Reduced Operational Expenses:

The current day storage management technics will demand the organization’s minimal attention towards investment also the management of storage networks and devices.   This will directly save time and reduce the workforce needed to maintain the infrastructure and storage operating costs.

Improved Storage and Data Access technics:

Storage management can also help improve a data canter’s performance. For example, compression and technology can enable faster I/Os, and automatic storage provisioning can speed the process of assigning storage resources to various applications.

Introducing the Data Centre to Virtualization and Automation technologies can help an organization improve its agility.

Storage Management system can help the data centre enhance its access features and abilities through Replication, Mirroring and Security.  They are equally important for Backing up and archive storage apart from primary storage.

GN Infonet offers these services to the IT managing group meeting their SLAs and achieve their compliance goals.