Thin Client Implementation
Green Computing with Thin Clients:


Green computing, or green IT, will improve the way computing devices are being used and how their infrastructure is designed. Businesses are “going green” in many areas, but specifically in IT because data centres and servers are the biggest offenders when it comes to IT inefficiency. You’ve may have even heard the buzz around “green computing.” “Thin Clients” are the revolutionary product that contributes the most for Green Computing and maximizing infrastructure utilization.

A “Thin Client” is a computing device that is connected to a LAN network.

Unlike a typical Computer System that has the memory, storage and computing power to run applications and perform computing tasks on its own, a thin client functions as a virtual desktop, using the computing power residing on networked servers.

They typically have just enough processing power, information and parts to access and use the computing resources of a server.

The thin client can’t run applications or store data or documents on its own;

It functions as an interface to convey your keystrokes and connect to the applications, documents, data and storage on networked servers, where the actual work is done.

A typical Thin Client Architecture is depicted for a quick reference.